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Now, for the chairs and the tables, you will go for about $3,200, unless you can find them second hand. But why would you?

3G Tour Ultra Mens Bowling Shoes Blue/Black/Metallic Right Handed are some of the nicest you can waltz up to the line in…they will cost you about $235, and they will fit like a glove, (another thing you might need).

However, they are not the tri-color shoe  and will not have your size embossed on the back spine…the sacrifices we all must make.

A bowling ball. That will go from about $150, up to $300.  Of course, to look good you will need several. A first ball and a ‘spare’ ball for yourself and a few more for your guests.

Oh, that glove we spoke about — the Storm 4C — will do you just fine. Cost $70. (Let your friends bring their own!)

All in, you can stay below $100K, and feel and look like a million. I’ll let you worry about the lessons…

P.S. That Coke machine will run you about $3,000


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