Gites in France

So finding one is no problem wherever you plan to travel in France. In fact, there’s so many to choose from, you can spend weeks just working through this part of your trip.

Going through that process carefully and thoughtfully is critical because the range of  price and quality is almost as broad as the number of options. You have to keep in mind that these are not villas. That means they’re quaint and charming, and quaint and charming almost never finds its way to luxurious, but they can find their way to quirky.

Earlier I mentioned that gite means cottage, but it’s original meaning was any form of shelter — a tent falls into this category. So, be careful. As I talked about when renting a villa in Italy, picking the right gite requires a good deal of investigating. There are lots of questions to ask the owner or agent before making the final decision, and remember to be thorough, because it’s what you don’t ask, what you assume, that can get you into trouble. The answers to questions like are the bathrooms en suite, are they shared by multiple bedrooms, are they indoors, spell the difference between comfort and misery.

Now, that’s not to say you can’t find a nice upscale gite for yourself. Gites-de-france does claim that about 107 of their 31,000 gites are luxury properties. And some of them are not bad, in fact, they’re actually villas. Here’s an example — this one is located in Aquitaine near Bordeaux and clearly falls into the luxury class.

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