Podcast: Post-Millennials to the Rescue

Social progress often springs from a society’s youth… now it’s time for the New Generation to step up and save us from ourselves. 

Young people have always held a unique view of the world, often times willing by their boldness to create something different in the hopes it will be something better.

Two of the most shocking photos of war in Vietnam are of young people. One about to give up his life; the other in an extreme moment of madness, fear and the desperate intention on survival.  Once you have seen these two, actually looked closely at them, you will never forget these incredible images.

Today, young people are again feeling the wrath of their adult counterparts. Every few days there is a shooting in a public school, with damage ranging from a single death to numbers too brutal to recount. And yet, the government of this country does nothing. They cannot come to a consensus on the gun control issue. The NRA screams that the liberals want to take “our guns away” and the President wants to arm teachers…time for intelligent voices to enter the arena and here they come…the young people.  The same demographic that stopped the atrocities in Vietnam are now taking aim on bringing some sanity back to this great nation.

That’s where this week’s talk begins.


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