Integrated Wisdom

The Makings of a Good Restaurant

Here’s an example to beat home the point. McDonald’s is not regarded as having set any standards on cuisine. At best, they’re the masters of mediocrity, and can we really call it cuisine? Now, that said, we’re not knocking McDonald’s. I don’t go there often, maybe not even once a year. But I have to admit that, and it’s killing me to do so, it’s pretty good!! Maybe their offerings appeal to simpler or unsophisticated tastes, but whatever the reason, I can’t remember throwing out an unfinished burger or not polishing off the fries. I like it, so sue me.


The truth about McDonald’s is that they perform at a consistent level every meal, every day. If and when you go, you have an excellent idea of what you’re in for, and you know that any McDonald’s will give you exactly the same experience. There’s no such thing as a favorite McDonald’s location, unless you know the manager and he gives you free stuff.


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