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Identifying Your Passions

Finding the right path isn’t easy. But you have to commit yourself to some hard work.

We’re all constantly searching for things to do. But finding something truly meaningful can be tough. In my book, “The Retirement Maze”, one of the biggest problems faced by retirees who are trying to adjust to this lifestyle is using time in a way that feels fulfilling. That can leave many longing for the days when they were working and had some value to an organization and other people.

Unfortunately, the reality is you may never find something so satisfying as your job — you had valuable tasks to perform and you were working alongside others who had the same goals. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep looking. In fact, you have a personal responsibility to move your life forward.

If difficulty finding a direction is what you’re experiencing, the first step is to give up your old life. By that I mean you must first accept the fact that you are a retiree and not define yourself by what you were. You’ll know you haven’t done so if you start a lot of conversations with, “When I was working…”  If you don’t re-define yourself, you end up stuck between two worlds — not really a retiree and not really in the workforce.


With effort, you will find what you need(le) — sorry.

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