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How often should you weigh myself?

by Jen Beck

jen beckHave you ever noticed that we sometimes do things, just because it is the way we have always done them?  Sometimes they are just habits we learned from our folks.

I see this a lot in my clients, especially when it comes to how often they weigh themselves. It doesn’t seem to matter, men or women. They learned from watching their parents and have adopted that habit, or maybe it was from a weight conscious friend in school.

The big question is though…How often should I really weigh myself? The answer to “How often should I weigh myself?” depends on the person. The first step in determining how often you should weigh yourself is to do a personal analysis by answering just a couple of simple questions.

1. How often do I weigh myself?

  • More than once per day

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Less than monthly

  • Never

 2. Why do I weigh myself?

  • I use it as a bio-metric to keep an eye on where I am at on a daily basis.

  • I am trying to lose weight and need to see my progress.

  • I like to see how what I ate yesterday affects me today.

  • I like to track my weight over time. That way, when I see a picture of myself from a few years ago that I like, I can set a goal to work toward getting back there.

  • I use my scale to manage my diet.  If my weight is too high, I cut back. If it is lower, I get to indulge, just a little.

  • I weigh myself occasionally just check in and see how I am doing.

3. How do I feel when I am about to step on the scale?

  • Indifferent

  • Fine

  • Nervous

  • Anxious

  • On egg shells

  • Upset

  • Sick to my stomach

4. How does the number on the scale affect the rest of your day?

  • Doesn’t matter

  • If the number is up, I eat less throughout the day and weigh again tomorrow

  • If the number is up it ruins the rest of my day

  • If the number is up I beat myself up for the poor food decisions I made yesterday

  • If the number is down I am ecstatic and celebrate (maybe even with a bite or two of a brownie or a little wine)

Think for a moment about your responses. What kind of relationship do you have with your scale? Is it a healthy one that helps you be more effective and positive in your day?Is your relationship an unhealthy one that leaves you feeling bad about yourself, deflated, depressed or unmotivated?

Please understand that the scale is not inherently evil, but the majority of people create a very unhealthy relationship with it.  It is a number on a piece of plastic or metal, but for many it is the measurement of their success or failure, their acceptance or rejection within society standards, and/or their measurement of self-worth. That is a lot of weight to put on a tiny little number. (pun intended)

So, how do we break this sick connection of our value to the scale? And how often should you weigh yourself?

The answer is really one in the same. Weigh yourself, no more than once per month. I will pause as you gasp, scream, and cry.

I know that when you are addicted to the scale this feels like I just asked you to give up your favorite vice, like ice cream, chocolate, coffee or wine. It is an addiction and the only way to break it is to break it! So, have someone in your family hide your scale from you for the next month or give it to a friend to hold for you. I know that some of you think I am joking and it is usually the ones that have the greatest connection to their scale.

I know this from experience. Over the last 15+ years of working with folks and helping them collectively lose thousands of pounds, getting rid of your scale is by far one of the most impactful things you could do to produce LASTING results.


If you do not have a scale at the ready, you must focus on actions, not results! If you are only looking at the number on the scale, we can have pretty selective memory when it comes to just how much sugar we had yesterday. Or how little exercise we had. Or that we didn’t eat a single vegetable and only had one glass of water.

Weight loss and great health begin in the mind! When you focus on your actions and making the healthiest choices possible, it becomes much easier to shed the extra pounds and have the added bonus of being happier while we are doing it!

The number on the scale is the LAST thing that changes when you are losing weight in a healthy and maintainable way. Create an environment that you get to feel the difference from the better choices you are making – more energy, better mental clarity, less joint pain, baggier clothes, less cravings, etc.

All of these positive changes can be experienced in as little as 2 weeks, if you are focused on actions and fueling your body, not just the number on the scale.

Can you do it? Can you live without weighing yourself for an entire month? Take the Scale-Less Challenge and see for yourself!!  Share with me how you are going to do it! I would love to hear from you!!

As a Registered Nutrition Consultant and CEO of Complete Health Revolution, Jen Beck’s straight forward approach turbocharges your transformation with real strategies that work for permanent, lasting weight loss and energy gain. Over the last 16 years, Jen has empowered thousands of men and women to take an active role in their health, lose weight, reverse chronic disease, look and feel younger.

Email Jennifer at or visit for more details or to download your FREE report of 7 Ways to Kill Your Sugar Cravings.

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