Proper management of your finances is especially important when you get older. If you're not yet retired, you know it's looming, and you have to be prepared for the day when you know longer receive a paycheck. And if you're already retired, well, you know how scary it can be when your pot of gold isn't automatically replenished.

So, to help you stay on the right path, we have gone to the financial experts. Here you'll find a collection of articles that offer sound and useful advice for those who need it, and by that I mean all of us. 


Who’s Better for your Portfolio?

And it’s been that way forever. We tend to believe that when it comes to financial issues and the economy, the Republicans are better than the Democrats. That’s not true, and it...


Who’s Better at the Economy?

It may surprise you, but it shouldn’t We tend to believe a lot of things we shouldn’t. Some “facts” are thrown out there with such repetition that eventually we don’t...


Money Saving Tips For Seniors

Getting the biggest bang from your buck by Catharine Allado Times are hard. With this economic condition, it is very important to use your money wisely. Spending less money means more savings for you...


Helping Aging Parents

A study finds kids are willing to step up Do you wonder if your kids will have your back when you’re older? Apparently the answer is a surprising yes.   That’s the good news in a conversation...