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Napa Valley

In “Wineries Italian Style”, I argued that the experience of wine tasting in Italy is...


Producer David Silver

Social and Cultural Commentator David Silver is an author and producer of some of the most...

Barbara Biziou

A conversation with a spiritual life coach Barbara Biziou is a former television and fashion...

Valentine’s Day

A good excuse to eat chocolate. Podcasters Bill Wood and Peter Goldsmith discuss how this day of...


Health & Well-Being

More Personal Baggage

Behavioral styles that can disrupt relationships. In The Big Five, we talked about how personality traits are a form of baggage each partner brings to their relationships. The characteristics that...

High Life

Driving My Tesla

Learning about a car all over again. I was thinking how wrong I hoped the adage about teaching an old dog new tricks would be when I took delivery of my new Tesla last month. Thirteen months to the...


Reverse Mortgages

Are they too good to be true? The ads for reverse mortgages, aka Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM), tout them as a way for older people to take the equity out of their homes so they have money...

Art & Culture

Photography as Art?

It used to be, but the medium has evolved away from its roots. Photography, as we knew it as young people, has come to a serious fork in the road and needs to stand up again, make choices and...

In Service

Homeless & Hungry

What we can do to make their lives a little more bearable. I am an adjunct professor at a community college. Last week I attended the semi-annual student play. As with most things of that nature, I...

Integrated Wisdom

The Deadliest Train Wrecks

Our need to look upon disasters is psychologically healthy. Our eyes are drawn to a disaster, be it natural, such as a hurricane, volcanic eruption, or tornado, or man-made, such as a car crash or...


Financial Planning for Seniors

Some basic thoughts to consider By Andrew Patrick Financial planning for seniors doesn’t have to be complicated, and it’s one of the wisest financial choices a person can do in his or her...

Our Mission

Agnitus: (Latin) — Recognition, acknowledgement.

We are committed to the idea that those of us in our mature years have a long way to go. We have the resources of time and money — but also a sense of purpose. We still want to explore, pursue new paths, and create new adventures; we celebrate our lives rather than just muddle through them. Agnituslife.com strives to be a dynamic platform that provides information you won’t find anywhere else, and that will help you continue to expand your horizons.

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