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Health & Well-Being

Do You Argue Like This?

Going tit for tat goes nowhere. Arguing is not only normal, it’s quite healthy for a marriage It’s the primary vehicle for change. If we’re unhappy with something our partner does or...

Integrated Wisdom

“Get off the Phone!!”

Are smart phones disrupting the social development of teenagers? by Bill Wood Remember your Mom or Dad screaming: “GET OFF THE PHONE!!”  It was a crazy teenaged time when we used the...

Art & Culture

Artists on Iphones

Perspectives of artist Marsha Hammel. So you can get to know Marsha better, we’ve conducted a brief interview with her, using only  a simple iPhone 6+. We’ll be running “Artists on...


The Mayor of Cinque Terre

A tour guide who gives you so much more than a few facts and figures. Occasionally I will do private tours, particularly if I’m pressed for time and in a city I’m unfamiliar with. I rely...

Entertainment & Technology

The Frame

Samsung is bringing art into your home — it’s a pretty good use of a TV when you’re not watching it. When we decide to watch something on Netflix, we have to go through Chromecast...

Integrated Wisdom

Grass Roots Social Movements

History suggests they are the only vehicles of change. In America, we love a train wreck. It’s not that we want to see people hurt, but it seems situations have to be that catastrophic before...

Entertainment & Technology

Building Banjos

The banjo has deep roots in American music, and Tim Gardner takes us through the art of making one. The Banjo as we know it today is one of the great contributions to the American music tradition...

Art & Culture

First Edition Books

Why…What for…How Much? A first edition is the first run of a book or other printed matter that comes from the printer.  It’s that simple, or is it? As quoted on eBay : “First editions...

Health & Well-Being

Weighing In

How often should you weigh myself? by Jen Beck Have you ever noticed that we sometimes do things, just because it is the way we have always done them?  Sometimes they are just habits we learned from...


Podcast — Net Neutrality

Free to use the internet as you like? Not for long, if FCC Director Ajit Pai has his way. For those who are not up to snuff on net neutrality, this is the principle that prohibits internet service...

Integrated Wisdom

What We Believe

Our belief systems are the driving force behind how we act and feel. We tend to think that all of our emotions are linked to a specific situation or event, meaning that how we feel is a direct result...

Integrated Wisdom

Facts on a Plane

What you can learn when there’s so much time and so little to do… Flying across the country to see my grandchildren is a pain in the you know what… But I love my grand-kids. I sit...

Our Mission

Agnitus: (Latin) — Recognition, acknowledgement.

We are committed to the idea that those of us in our mature years have a long way to go. We have the resources of time and money — but also a sense of purpose. We still want to explore, pursue new paths, and create new adventures; we celebrate our lives rather than just muddle through them. Agnituslife.com strives to be a dynamic platform that provides information you won’t find anywhere else, and that will help you continue to expand your horizons.

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