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High Life

Wedding Gowns

They’re all top tier, and priced to make eloping a good idea. You just shot an honest 87 on...


Artist Barbara Fisher

Interpreting the world through abstract painting. Renowned artist Barbara Fisher discusses the...

Post Election Analysis

Results suggest a move in the right direction for America. Americans hit the polls last Tuesday at...


Regardless of your stand, take the time to care about your country. Lots of us are unhappy with the...


Art & Culture

A Soldier’s Perspective

A poem from an Iraq war veteran. Christopher Pascale is a marine veteran who served in the Iraq War. Chris lives on Long Island, NY and is the the author of War Poems: A Marine’s Tour 2003-2008...


The Island of Corsica: Part 1

Seacoast towns, nature preserves, and magnificent scenery on Corsica’s West Coast. As we said about Brittany, there’s more to France than Paris and the Riviera. Along those lines...

Health & Well-Being

Circadian Rhythms

Why sleeping well is important for your health. When I was young, I took  a good night’s sleep for granted, and now as I’ve gotten older, I long for the good old days. There aren’t...

High Life

World’s Best Hotel Rooms

When you really need to treat yourself special. Sometimes you just have to get away, and you have to treat yourself well. You want to be pampered and don’t want the hassles of typical...

Health & Well-Being

Space Invaders

A husband’s retirement can create problems for a non-working wife.  When couples start thinking about retirement, it can be pretty exciting. They daydream about the things they will do...


Northern Brittany, France

Magnificent coastlines, medieval villages, and amazing seafood. If you’ve been to France, you’ve probably hit Paris, the Provence region, or the Riviera. They’re all magnificent...

High Life

Fantastic Resorts Around the World

The best destinations to do absolutely nothing. Some trips are for adventure — hiking, mountain climbing, rock-climbing, and other ways to risk your life. Some you take for the destinations...


Touring Baden-Württemberg, Germany

There’s more to Germany than Bavaria and Berlin. Germany is one of the most under-appreciated countries in Europe. It ranks fifth in visitors, well behind France, Spain, Italy, and the United...

Integrated Wisdom

Sex — Roman Style

Sex as power is not a new concept, but to Romans it was a guiding principal in their culture. To put it mildly, the ancient Romans had an open mind when it came to sex. They approached it guilt-free...

Art & Culture

Chinese Luey — Part 6

Just Because Your Name is Chinese Luey Don’t Mean You Ain’t Norwegian. Finally Luey Goes Home…Sort of. After an orgy of food and drink, Luey couldn’t remember what or where he was or how...

Our Mission

Agnitus: (Latin) — Recognition, acknowledgement.

We are committed to the idea that those of us in our mature years have a long way to go. We have the resources of time and money — but also a sense of purpose. We still want to explore, pursue new paths, and create new adventures; we celebrate our lives rather than just muddle through them. Agnituslife.com strives to be a dynamic platform that provides information you won’t find anywhere else, and that will help you continue to expand your horizons.

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