Health & Well-Being

Pursuing Your Passions

You should also pursue more than one. Not all personally meaningful and emotionally invest-able activities produce the same psychological benefits. For example, activities that are simple yet fun work differently than those that are more serious and have problem solving components; and those that you do alone are different from those you do with others. Only doing solo activities may lead you to feel isolated and disconnected, and that’s never good of one’s emotional well-being. Activities you do with others, such as sports or joining clubs promote psychological and physical health, because they make you feel socially connected. But even social activities can be broken down further — some, like club membership, are more entertaining; others are work-like. Both provide connectedness, but the second also lets you feel productive and valued. Finally, both social and solo activities have at least two classes — some require thinking and others are physical.

The point is, aim for balance — have a mix of social and solo, physical and mental, activities. Not to trivialize things, but variety is truly the spice of life. And besides, doing all types will certainly give you enough to fill up your day.

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