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Study Confirms: Any Asbestos Exposure Amount Can Cause Mesothelioma

By Devin Golden

A common question among mesothelioma patients, or even people just interested in learning about the cancer, revolves around levels of asbestos exposure.

They ask, “How much asbestos must you be exposed to in order to develop mesothelioma?” or “How often must asbestos exposure occur for you to be in danger?”

The answer is simple: any amount or frequency greater than zero.

No matter if you were exposed to a low quantity or just one instance of exposure, you could be at risk. A BMJ Case Reports abstract published last week reasserts this fact. The study analyzed the case of a pleural mesothelioma patient who had “remote, short-term asbestos exposure.”

How Mesothelioma Develops in Your Body

Exposure to asbestos particles is the only cause of mesothelioma, a rare disease with around 3,300 new cases in the United States each year. Mesothelioma originates most often in the lining between the lung cavity and chest wall. This space is called the pleura, and the disease is known explicitly as pleural mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma can also form in the peritoneum, which is a thin membrane wrapping around the abdominal cavity. This form of the cancer is called peritoneal mesothelioma.

Asbestos can enter the body either through breathing in or swallowing loose fibers. These sharp pieces of dust can then penetrate the cells that comprise these small linings. If the fibers aren’t expelled from the body — and instead irritate the cells — then cellular mutation can occur.

Asbestos Fibers

The more often someone is exposed to asbestos — and the more of the mineral they interact with — the more likely these loose fibers enter their body and irritate cells. However, just one instance — or even one piece of fragmented asbestos dust — could turn healthy cells into diseased ones. Because this disease has a latency period of 20-50 years, seniors are at the greatest risk of being diagnosed.

Where Asbestos Exposure Occurs

The report concludes with the same sentiment regarding mesothelioma and asbestos exposure levels. The study showed why “the degree of asbestos exposure to induce a malignant mesothelioma may be smaller than has been traditionally thought.”

The most common source of asbestos exposure is occupational. Construction, insulation, electrical and automobile mechanic work all involved asbestos parts for decades — up until the very end of the 20th century. Many other trades — such as baking, boiler work and plumbing — also likely involved regular exposure.

However, as the study shows, any instance of exposure could cause mesothelioma. Since asbestos was so widely used — in addition to mining and production facilities — throughout the 20th century, the mineral is just about everywhere. People can be exposed to loose asbestos particles without ever working in an at-risk occupation.

Paying For Treatment

Mesothelioma treatment is expensive — costing patients thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars. Most patients and their families do not make enough money or have enough savings to pay for it. They accept the fact that they will have some medical debt. If the patient passes away, then the family is left to pay off the bills for surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and more.

A mesothelioma lawsuit can solve this issue. The companies that exposed you and others to asbestos are responsible for your diagnosis. They are accountable for your medical bills, and they should pay for them. Filing a mesothelioma lawsuit takes this burden off you and your family.

Once diagnosed, you should focus on treatment first and foremost. Your other priority is spending as much time as possible doing what you love — with the people whom you love.

Finding a mesothelioma lawyer and then filing a lawsuit can take time away from these objectives. Time spent compiling evidence and investigating how you were exposed to asbestos is time not spent trying to beat this disease. This is fair, but it is also not how the top mesothelioma law firms operate.

The best attorneys do all the legal work for your case. They will investigate your employment history, travel to you for all meetings, choose the best route to take your claim and file all motions. If possible, they will even shield you from having to go to court for any proceedings.

With the best law firms, you will not have to worry about legal matters. Your mesothelioma lawsuit will move along without you needing to lift a finger.

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