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A husband’s retirement can create problems for a non-working wife. 

When couples start thinking about retirement, it can be pretty exciting. They daydream about the things they will do together, the stress free lifestyle, probably more sex. And that’s usually how things start out. Couples behave like they’re on their honeymoon.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon ends, and quickly for some. The couple settles into their new lifestyle and mundane daily living takes over. That’s when there can be problems, even in happy relationships. So much time spent in close quarters forces more frequent interactions, and that means more potential for conflicts.

Non-working wives can have a particular issue of space invasion — having to cope with someone with too much time on their hands and wants attention. Husbands walk into this new life stage in which their partner has an established way of doing things, and problems can arise if husbands are overly demanding of their wives’ time or expect them to give up their daily routines. Of course, such expectations are  unrealistic, and many wives are likely to feel pressure, and possibly angry, at the prospect of husband-sitting.

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