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How Can You Keep From Ingesting Toxins on Strawberries? Grow Your Own

The only way to avoid ingesting the chemical concoctions doused on strawberries, EWG asserts, is to grow your own, organically, or buy organically grown strawberries, as the list of hazardous chemicals on conventionally grown varieties is long and harrowing, including such toxins as:

  • Carbendazim, a hormone-disrupting fungicide

  • Bifenthrin, an insecticide California regulators call a possible human carcinogen

  • Malathion, toxic to the nervous system and a probable human carcinogen

Unfortunately, as good as fisetin is for you, if you don’t grow your own clean crop of strawberries or buy them from a source you know is organic, without any of the potentially neurologically system-poisoning sprays they’re typically grown with, I would recommend passing them up until you can find a good source.

Research shows that organic produce has about 180 times fewer pesticides on them than conventional produce. In lieu of that, if you know you’re suffering because of a lifetime of eating tainted fruits and vegetables, you can eat fermented foods such as cauliflower and cabbage, and even make your own kimchi, as studies show it can actually break down the toxins and negate some of the damage to your system.

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