In Service

Volunteer to Yourself

Take time out for you…to improve the quality of your life.

Most times, when we think of being in service or volunteering, we associate that with helping someone else…of giving of ourselves to a noble and humane cause.

How about taking that next step, go inside. Volunteer for yourself. Help yourself. We’re not asking you to read a bunch of ‘self help books’…the name always makes me smile…if you are reading and learning from some one else how is that self help…but let’s move on.

Most of us over the age of 60 begin to feel minor aches and pains almost every day. And that is if we are lucky! Aches and pains only mean you’re working too hard, or you’re not working enough. Either way you can fix it.

First two words “common sense”
Next three ”don’t be afraid”. 

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  • Volunteering is the best way to adapt and learn new things from the different culture, where you can give your time, energy which can bring motivation and a sense of achievement.