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Being Thankful Is The Key To Happiness

Thoughts release chemicals in your brain.  Every thought.  So yes, if you can be in control of choosing positive thoughts, you will increase your level of happiness and potentially even alleviate depression.  Scientists have found that positive, optimistic thinking releases high levels of serotonin.  It’s no secret that people easily fall into unhealthy patterns of self medicating with drugs and alcohol simply because these drugs release, temporarily, the levels of these chemicals that give us a quick fix of relaxation, reward and pain relief.  But if our thoughts can produce the same effects why not give that a try?

Here are some tips for keeping thoughts positive:

  • Start and end each day with three thoughts of gratitude. 

    Think you can’t come up with six new ones each day? You can! There is so much to be grateful for. Things you never would have thought of. My kids have said things like, “I’m grateful for the toilet.”  They think its a joke, but it’s not!  What would we do without toilets? I certainly am grateful we don’t have to find that out!  When was the last time you woke up in the morning and said I am grateful I can see. I am grateful I can hear. I am grateful I have legs.  I am grateful for my blanket. We have so much surrounding us that we take for granted every day. If we actually took the time and exercised our brains to explore these things, think what that could do for our brain chemistry!  If you engage in this activity you will start the day feeling calm and grounded. Doing this before bed also gives you a calming effect that will help you to rest and fall asleep easier.

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