Going on Safari

An amazing adventure in the lap of luxury.

You’re not going to see any pictures of animals in the wild. There are plenty of places you can find those. Instead, my focus is on what the experience can be like if it’s done with some panache.

Let me begin by saying I never wanted to go on Safari. The prospect of sitting in a jeep, swarmed over by insects the size of small cats, staying in a lodge, which in my mind is a glorified tent, to see wild animals that would like me on their menu if given half a chance, to say nothing of the $1000 worth of immunization shots you need to fend off the various medieval diseases you’re likely to encounter, just didn’t thrill me. But I have friends, Roger and Cheryl, who are more adventurous than I am. So, aiming to please, my wife and I went along. What made the decision easier was a promise that I would not have to be involved at all in the planning — what the hell do I know about lodges and jungle guides and the wilds of Africa, anyway? I like posh hotels and piazzas and sipping wine, not hunkering down in the wilderness.


Two days before we were to depart, our friends had to back out because of a family crisis. So I went from a passive spectator to travel agent. As self-centered as it might seem (and is), I was not happy. Honestly, I was so angry that I signed all my emails to our mutual friends with…

“Roger and Cheryl must die.”

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