Health & Well-Being

Are you Socially Connected?

Personal relationships are essential to health. Maintaining a social life gets harder with age. Little by little the ones we were close to pass away or move away, and we leave our job and lose...

Health & Well-Being

Taking Early Retirement

A great idea, but not without its difficulties. Many people find the prospect of early retirement appealing. Assuming you have the financial wherewithal and you haven’t been pushed out of the...

Health & Well-Being

Stay Social

It’s essential for your health. Maintaining an active social life gets harder with age. Little by little people we were close to move away or pass away. And when we retire, we lose about half...

Health & Well-Being

Pandemic Claustrophobia

Surviving the coronavirus lockdown with your partner The pandemic has forced couples to spend much more time with each other, for better or worse. And shelter in place rules were thrust upon us with...

Health & Well-Being

Is Marriage Harder Today?

It may be, and there are reasons why Anyone who’s been married for more than a few months, maybe weeks, will tell you it’s tough. And considering how divorce rates have climbed over the last few...

Health & Well-Being

Alcohol Abuse Among Seniors

Dealing with a growing problem Alcohol abuse is a problem in most countries, and ours is no exception. But what’s particularly troubling is the growing prevalence among seniors. Approximately 6...

Health & Well-Being

Marital Power Politics

No one’s happy in unequal relationships Power and control are issues in all relationships. Sometimes it comes about through strength of personality and sometimes through assets. One person...

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Agnitus: (Latin) — Recognition, acknowledgement.

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