High Life

Living the High Life…

Right from your own living room.

Yes, of course there are places to go that will set you back a pretty penny. There are watches to buy that will cost you the price of a large home in Bermuda, cars that will take your children’s and grandchildren’s college funds, but you still will need to borrow some additional money or you won’t get the coffee cup holder, and say goodbye to leather seats.

But if you want to live the true high life, no need to leave your small two bedroom apartment. In this day and age all you need is right at your finger tips, and you can do it in grand style right from your iPhone X.

I don’t know about you, but after a full day at work driving the number 6 Metro bus, all I want to do is get a little exercise and then sit back, put my feet up and  relax…and do it all without leaving my three story walk up.  No problem.

Getting home I want my exercise right here and right now. Get it out of the way, and move on. That’s why I opt for a good sturdy punching bag to work out my frustration and keep up the cardio.

Karl Lagerfeld has designed the most expensive and luxurious “Punching Bag” ever for Louis Vuitton. This exclusive boxing set includes a set of gloves, a custom-made leather trunk with a punching bag tucked inside, a gym bag and a great water bottle for that extra hydration. The set is beautiful, can be used every day (twice a day if you are really angry) and can be yours, delivered right to your door, for only $175,000. Pricey, but a lot cheaper then beating up your landlord.

For more information, go to instyle.com


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