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Living the High Life…

Now you know what you can do, and get, all day long right from your kitchen table. But even this kind of shopping can tire a person out. What about sleeping? They say that you spend one third of your life in bed, so don’t pinch pennies here. The good news is that we found a place that will deliver anywhere in the world, FREE of charge.  That’s correct, no delivery charge even when two burly gents have to haul that bulky bed up the three flights to your apartment.

Here’s the rub.  This beautiful bed, built with ash and other fine woods and trimmed in 24 K gold, will be a bit costly. It is considered the world’s most expensive bed. The Baldaccino Supreme will set you back 6.3 Million dollars.

We understand that is indeed rather dear, but hey, at least you’re not paying for delivery and set up.

Pleasant dreams……..

For more information, go to stuarthughes.com

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