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Now, after you work out hard and build up a good sweat, you need to cool down, relax and get get those muscles massaged and back into shape. No worries here. The MB Massage Chairs are not just good, they are hands down the best medical massage chairs ever made. While most massage chairs are made just for massaging, the MB series goes beyond and performs medical functions. Designed by a group of doctors, the MB massage chairs are loaded with medical features such as the Chiropractic BodyTwist Technology that not only stretches you like most luxury class massage chairs, but also twists your entire body from side-to-side. These chairs also have Humongous Shoulder Massagers  that help remove any knots and tensions you may have, and the Extreme Customization System that automatically adjusts to your body size.

While most chairs only adjust to accommodate your height, the MB massage chairs go further and adjust to your exact body size. So whether you are tall and skinny or shorter and a little bulkier, the Extreme Customization System in the MB series massage chairs will expand and contract it’s air bags to fit your body exactly, giving you the best massage you will ever experience. How does that sound?  Not bad, eh?  The top of the line MB – 8 Chair is a bit cumbersome, but three strong guys will cart it up the three flights to your house — including delivery, the chair could cost about $26,000. It’s on sale right now for just a wee bit under $9,000, but you have to act fast.

For more information, go to medicalbreakthrough.org


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