High Life

Driving My Tesla

Learning about a car all over again.

I was thinking how wrong I hoped the adage about teaching an old dog new tricks would be when I took delivery of my new Tesla last month. Thirteen months to the day after I ordered the car, it arrived.


My wife and I went to the dealership, which is strange in and of itself, and prepared to drive the new car home. Not so fast, my friend.

Getting into the car, I immediately noticed there was nothing in it except a 15 inch computer screen. No speedometer, no radio or defroster no door lock buttons, heating or AC buttons, nothing but the ‘Screen”.

Oh, one other thing…the car responds to your phone. You do everything with the smart phone in your pocket. You walk up to the car and it is open. As you sit in the driver’s seat the screen lights up and the radio goes on. It is always on. That is, the FM radio is always on, as for the Am radio…it is never on because the car does not come with an AM radio. No AM radio…how am I going to listen about how my beloved football Giants took another Sunday beating…

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