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Sports: The Science of Gear

Technology to make you a better athlete.

Sports has become the science of buying better gear. Every sport has so much gear, and every few months they celebrate this by bringing out new gear. Gone are the days of an old baseball glove, some used ice skates and wooden shafted golf clubs. Today all our gear is the latest in hi-tech strength and flexibility. Stronger, lighter, faster — these are the paradigms we now live by.


I want to examine two sports in particular and several others in general. The two main subjects here are Golf and Cycling.

I read an article several months back where a young woman compared the social status of cycling to that of golf. The group rides serve the same purpose of socializing, doing business and making contacts that golf has done for years.

She posited that when wealthy young up-and-comers see others of their ilk riding expensive bikes, they build a natural affinity and feel a ‘kinship’.  They are more readily inclined to do business with these other riders.

Probably true, but are we now headed toward restricted Bike Clubs, too?

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