Athletes and Their Money

How they’re changing the world outside of the arena. 

It used to be that sports fans would support their team, regardless of who was playing. The individual athlete, although loved by fans, was secondary to the team. When he was traded away, he became the enemy.

Not so today — athletes have achieved celebrity status, and have fans that follow them from team to team. The astronomical salaries they’re paid has allowed more personal control over their lives, and has forced many to become more sophisticated in what to do with that money.

In this podcast, Peter Goldsmith and Bill Wood discuss how athletes are using their incomes to go from “rich” to “wealthy”. They’re investing in their long-term futures, including restaurant chains, movie studios, and funding start-ups. But they’re not just shooting blindly. They’re far more careful with their business decisions, relying on consultants and advisors for direction, just as private equity investors in the business world have been doing for years.

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Athletes and Their Money

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