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The most enduring elements in any society are those of self-expression through paintings, music, sculpture, architecture and literature. Our art is the mirror through which we see ourselves, reflecting back to us the way we think, what we believe, and how we feel about and interpret the world around us. And its through these achievements that future generations come to understand the ones that came before. 
We love art, in all its forms — it’s exciting, fun, and often provocative.  We strive to bring to you works that you won’t find anywhere else, and we hope you enjoy our selections. 

Art & Culture

Saved by Graffiti

How street artists rescued Wynwood Florida Here’s a switch — a neighborhood whose rebirth and rejuvenation is owed in part to, of all things, graffiti. Usually scribbling on buildings is...

Art & Culture

Birthing A New Dictionary

Or the N E D for the  21 Century That cat is bad(d) That’s cold I’m down How you be (question) Smooth  (answer) That’s slapping You dripping Later If you think what you have just read is slang...

Art & Culture

Must Art Be Moral?

Can a scoundrel can make great art? The morality of a work of art is one of the oldest and most widely debated concepts in the art community today. The question is must we respect the artist as...

Art & Culture

The City from Nowhere

Half a century building a city while living in a tent. Although I left the friendly confines of NYC where I was born and raised, I still look forward to the Sunday NY Times as a wonderful weekend...

Art & Culture

The Woman Who Broke Up the Beatles

Yoko Ono before she was Yoko Ono.   She is best known as the woman who broke up the Beatles. She is almost as well known as the woman who screeches and screams on John Lennon’s later albums. She...

Art & Culture

Jackson Pollock

Monster, Genius & Icon There’s never been a more controversial artist — greatly admired, loved, and hated, and vastly misunderstood. He was a hero to many, a villain to many more, and...

Art & Culture


An art form and a force for social change. Graffiti conjures up images of painted subway trains, building walls, steel storefronts, and any other large flat surfaces. They may be designs or primitive...

Art & Culture

Does the Makeup Make the Man?

Getting in touch with your feminine side. Recently at a social gathering, I met a fellow I hadn’t seen in years. From across the room he looked somehow younger than the last time we met. As we...

Our Mission

Agnitus: (Latin) — Recognition, acknowledgement.

We are committed to the idea that those of us in our mature years have a long way to go. We have the resources of time and money — but also a sense of purpose. We still want to explore, pursue new paths, and create new adventures; we celebrate our lives rather than just muddle through them. Agnituslife.com strives to be a dynamic platform that provides information you won’t find anywhere else, and that will help you continue to expand your horizons.

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