Moving On

Making a change and re-defining your life.

Changing our environment as we get older is healthy. We get to experience new things and are exposed to different perspectives, and these give us an opportunity to grow intellectually and psychologically. Usually, we select locations that are less stress-inducing and a little less deflating of our bankrolls.


But it’s not without it’s trials and tribulations — there are adjustments to make, things you have to give up, and you have to re-orient yourself. But on the positive side, it’s a good opportunity to lighten your load. Some of that has to do with stuff you’ve accumulated over the years, but it’s also about dropping those parts of your life, the ways you define yourself, that are not longer relevant.

Podcasters Peter Goldsmith and Bill Wood discuss the changes they went through as each resettled to new and very different parts of the country — Bill to Ohio and Peter to the mountains of North Carolina.

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