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Poetry: Neil Kelliher

Neil Kelliher

Neil Kelliher has worked in corporate marketing, advertising and consulting.  He taught at the university level before turning to writing fiction and poetry.  He has e-published two books, “The Story of Jonathan Ainsley Butterworth” and “Murphy’s Law”.  He lives, sails and writes in Marina del Rey, CA with his wife Mona.

​As he describes it, “My work is very eclectic.” Here’s a few of his poems — they should give you an idea as to what he means.


It is winter, my dear friend.
My bones creak
My joints ache
And I need not look outside
To know
It is winter.

There are few of us left.
You and I
And one or two others,
I am sure,
Although I know not who
Nor where.

My memories are clear,
Although often
Challenged by time.
I know they are true.

My thoughts have matured
As have I
From angry
To steadfast
To mellow.

We know,
As do few others,
Who we are,
Where we are.

We know
Where they are as well,
Those enjoying summer’s breezes.
And where they will be,
When their winter comes.

We know, my friend.
We’ve been both places,
Seen both places.
But they haven’t,

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