Art & Culture

Artist Donna Wheatley

Expressions of feminine in abstract form.

Donna-Wheatley1A minimal palette expressing the feminine is what we often experience from Donna Wheatley’s abstract art. This native North Carolinian frequently expresses herself using her favorite subject, the figure. Her painting also encompasses automatic and intentional expressionistic forms. She is excited by the opportunity that painting gives her, to use her imagination and reflect on her life experiences, emotions and ideas. In her own words…

“I strive to write my thoughts or feelings into my canvases. A stroke of the brush or a color choice often conveys a specific thought or feeling. Sometimes my words are covered with paint, absorbed into the painting. On other occasions, my words and original working lines are left partially visible. I like textural surfaces and use paper and other natural objects in my work. I enjoy hearing a viewer’s interpretation of my paintings and how they reach their mind or their heart.

Here is a small sample of Donna’s work. You can view more of her paintings on her website, donnarwheatley.com. 

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