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Cigars and the Ladies

They’re not just for gentlemen…and never were.

First, some facts and historical notes…

In the tenth century a bored and desperate Mayan grabbed a handful of brown leaves, wrapped the entire bundle in a plantain leaf, lit the thing on fire and puffed it till he fell down…thus the cigar was born.

Many scholars still believe the Mayan word ‘Sikar’ meaning to smoke, is the origin of the word cigar. Early tobacco originally came from South and Central America and smaller amounts from Africa. It was the notorious explorer C. Columbus who is credited with bringing tobacco to Europe. (Like most of his other claims it was three of his sailors, but Columbus happily took credit.)

The first factory for the production of tobacco was built in Cuba in 1542.

Another gent who popularized the weed was the French ambassador Jean Nicot, from whose name we get ‘nicotine’.

A single large cigar can contain as much tobacco as a pack of cigarettes.  Cigars can contain up to 70 times as much nicotine as cigarettes. Burning a cigar emits up to 25 times the amount of carbon monoxide than the emission of just one cigarette.  Got it?

OK…  now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk good cigars.

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