High Life

World’s Best Hotel Rooms

When you really need to treat yourself special.

Sometimes you just have to get away, and you have to treat yourself well. You want to be pampered and don’t want the hassles of typical hotel accommodations — the bed’s too hard, the shower’s too small, so’s the room for that matter, there’s not enough closet space, what’s that strange smell, the mini-bar has nothing I want. You rented a suite, but still something just doesn’t feel right about it. 

No problem. There are a few properties you can consider where you won’t face any of these traumatic situations. Now, as with all things of quality, you have to be willing spend a few bucks to make sure everything is of the highest standards and to your liking — well, more than a few. 

Put financial concerns aside and look out for number 1 — after all, there has to be something outstanding about a room that makes it worth $50,000 or more per night, right? We’ve put together a list of the top hotel rooms around the world. If you can’t be satisfied with any of these accommodations, there’s probably something wrong with your thinking processes.

Prices are per night, in case you have to ask. If you’d like more information, click on the hotel’s name.

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