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Death by Stress

 The release of these stress hormones causes a variety of physiological events.  Some of these we know because we’ve felt them, but others may come as a surprise:

  • Heart rate increases to pump more blood to muscles.

  • Endorphins are released by the brain to relieve pain

  • Digestion slows down so blood can be sent to muscles

  • Saliva secretion decreases, producing “cotton mouth”

  • Pupils dilate to make our vision more acute

  • Hearing, smell, and taste sharpen to identify threats

  • Sweating increases to cool the body

  • Blood clotting factors are released to slow bleeding

  • Sugars and fats are released to increase energy

  • Bronchi dilate to get more air into our lungs

  • Breathing gets faster to get more oxygen to muscles

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