Health & Well-Being

Truth or Myth?

Is losing weight really only about eating healthy and exercising?

by Jen Beck

When trying to improve their health or lose weight, people will hire expensive personal trainers, go on crazy restrictive diets, or eat foods that are flavorless because they are on a non-fat or low-fat. When you think about improving your health and or weight loss, do you feel like youhave to go through a major lifestyle change or go on some crazy exercise bender right before a beach vacation? There is anojen beckther way.

The truth is there are many ways, you just need to find the right one for you! Often, people just pick up the latest book or magazine or hear something on Dr. OZ and believe it is the magic bullet they need to maximize their health and weight loss.

I want you to realize one thing. The weight loss industry is a 62 Billion dollar industry every year in America. There are only 312.8 million people in America which means that there are a ton of programs, products and gimmicks that only focus on short term weight loss leading to regaining, or the things people are spending their money on in the first place just don’t work. And statistics show 98% of the people that lost weight through dieting regain it, plus some, in 2 years or less.



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