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Fantastic Resorts Around the World

The best destinations to do absolutely nothing.

Some trips are for adventure — hiking, mountain climbing, rock-climbing, and other ways to risk your life. Some you take for the destinations — exploring little towns and villages in Europe or Asia. Some are taken to visit family and friends, and some of these are actually enjoyable.

And then there are resorts — destinations that offer a stress-free environment where you go to chill out, hang out, pamper yourself and forget about things you prefer not to think about for at least a few days. In short, to do nothing.

There are hundreds of these all around the world, and many offer all-inclusive packages. Everything is covered so your job is to sit back and enjoy. They all promote the idea of pampering yourself, but there is pampering and then there is pampering.  We went on a hunt to find the best of these resorts, and by best we mean pampering as if you were an infant, minus the diaper changes. They’re not cheap, but nothing that’s truly amazing ever is.

We’ve come up with 30 resorts from all around the world, with options for city vs. mountain vs. beach living. We haven’t wasted your time with a lot of verbiage describing the countless amenities each offers. Suffice it to say you can get almost anything you want or need from each.  Instead, we’ve given you a slide show, along with some rough prices for their more luxurious  accommodations — not their most expensive, but certainly not their most economical. We’ve also included their website where you can learn more.

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