High Life

Wedding Gowns

They’re all top tier, and priced to make eloping a good idea.

You just shot an honest 87 on the West Course and you’re feeling pretty good. You get home and there is a note from your wife that she is out for the afternoon and evening with her girl friends…now you are feeling even better. You look in the refrigerator, there is last night’s leftovers, half a bottle of Duckhorn Napa Valley Merlot, 2013,  and there’s a Yankee game on TV tonight. Now you are sailing into paradise.

The phone rings, the number on the LED ID is your favorite granddaughter. Could this get any better?

“Hi Grandpa how are you?“
“Good Melody. And you?”
“I am so stoked (happy). My sweetheart Reggie just asked me to marry him. We’ve been dating for almost two years, and I know he is the right one…I couldn’t wait to tell you. You are the first one I told…After telling my friends on Facebook, of course.”
“Of course. I feel so honored. How can I help?”
“Well you always told me you wanted to dance at my wedding and buy me my wedding gown. Is that still true?”
“Sure it is. I can’t wait to dance with the bride”
“Oh Grandpa, I am so happy. Will you go with me to pick out my dress?”
“You bet I will…now go tell the rest of the family”

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