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Is it True that Covid-19 only Affects those Who Smile?

Football, Politics and the Hard Choices Ahead

Most of us have a side thing going. Whether we collect hubcaps, write graffiti, or simply waste away in the world of televised professional sports, we always have something to fall back on. We know every stat, every DUI, every lost romance of our heroes and think of them as though they were friends, and sometimes family. (That is, if you like your family.)

Compound all this with the ever growing pandemic and you have quite a scenario. Several months ago Aaron Rogers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers (NFL), when asked at a press conference if he was vaccinated said instead, “I have been immunized”. All in attendance took this to mean that ‘Yes’ he had received his shots. Last week he came down with Covid-19. It was revealed that he would have to obey the rules of the league for those players who did not get the vaccine. Strange to say the least.

The media was quick to jump on this story and branded him a liar, a non-vaxxer, and every other thing that could fit in print. Obviously Rogers had to respond, and he did. His claim was that he was treated with a preventative measure and that was good enough for him. He then went on to say that there were two ingredients in the vaccine that would have adverse affects on his health had he taken the vaccine. That all seemed a bit strange as did some of his actions, not masking up and several other things,  but this is not about the vaccine, nor his conduct nor his claims.

Pete Davidson roasts Aaron Rodgers on SNL

The other day I spoke with a nephew of mine who did have both shots and owing to a previous concussion, experienced terrible symptoms and was not sure if he should get the booster shot and go through with this terrible ordeal again. Remember this is not about medical choices.  

What it is about is the politicalization of everything in our culture. The Covid-19 virus is not political. It doesn’t chose to infect people of any political party, religion or place of residence, or even only those who smile.

For most people of any persuasion it is just the right thing to do. Perhaps for others this is not true. We are not talking about ‘crackpots’ on either side of the aisle. We’re taking about clear thinking Americans (if there are any left) who feel they have legitimate arguments against having the vaccine.

What we are talking about is taking politics out of this equation and simply listening to each other and to real medical information, not tainted by ridiculous notions that have not a scintilla of truth. (Bill Gates is NOT putting chips in each dose of the vaccine and olive oil, although perhaps healthy for some, will NOT serve to stave off the virus).

After hearing these tales it hit me that maybe coming from a political point has no business in moving our thinking on these issues forward. That maybe who you vote for and why is your business, and does not make you a bad or good person. That maybe you CAN change your mind upon hearing/learning new facts. 

That this muck and mire we are stuck in will never change if we don’t collectively change it. You and Me.

If we are to move through this tough situation and the many others that are sure to arise we, need to stop and think, before we can’t do either….

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