Upper Normandy — Part 2 


Honfleur is the only seaside town on this itinerary and is one of the highlights in all of Upper Normandy. It’s a bustling, colorful, and charming town that is able to retain that character despite all the tourists. In fact, it seems to have been that way for quite a while, because Honfleur was the favorite of many impressionist painters, including Monet.

​The town was built around the port that was once used for receiving commercial ships and fishing boats. The heart of the port is the Vieux Bassin, or inner harbor, where wealthy families in days gone by would relish the privilege of owning such prestigious real estate. These houses, built between the 16th and 18th centuries, are squeezed together and have an oddity about them — they have two ground floors: one that opens onto the quay and the other that opens on the opposite side. That’s because they’re actually two different houses, with two different owners.

​All along the harbor and down the cobbled-stoned streets, there is no shortage of shops, restaurants, and cafes. Although it can get touristy, dining on the harbor is recommended — it’s a great place to relax, and watch the yachts come and go.

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