Fatal Distractions

Using misinformation to steer us away from our problems.

President Trump is running scared. That would explain the insane things, more than the usual amount, that are coming to us from press conferences, interviews, and tweets.

His latest source of fear seems to stem from a book written by his niece, Mary Trump. She’s a Clinical Psychologist and has given a ripping assessment of her uncle’s character and psychological make-up.

So, what’s his recourse? Provide false facts and misinformation to distract from the bad news he’s dealing with — the pandemic, a failing economy, and various abuses of his office.

So, the question is, who will stick with this guy? The American voters seem to be walking away. Will that cause Republicans currently in office to also jump ship to save their own skins?

Podcasters Bill Wood and Peter Goldsmith have an interesting discussion on the topic.

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