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Service Organizations

Here are a few wonderful organizations that could use your help. Each of these has been around for quite some time and does great work both domestically and Internationally.


American Red Cross

This is the grand daddy of all service organizations. They have been around over 100 years and are still doing their good work. The nice part about working with this organization is that their reach is both domestic and international.  You can volunteer for specific events and services or you can become a long term volunteer. You can work at a national or a local level and your time is well spent and truly appreciated. It would be difficult to name a disaster any where around the world without hearing the name of the Red Cross

Read & learn more www.redcross.org

sealSenior Sleuths

A recent study showed that about 1 in 5 people age 65 or older in the United States have been the victim of a financial scam. In 1989, to help combat the problem, Florida’s then-Attorney General Bob Butterworth introduced Senior Sleuths. Today, over 200 volunteers work in 48 field offices statewide, taking victims’ complaints. An additional 3,500 “eyes and ears” Sleuths log telemarketing calls, collect junk mail, and check on unscrupulous pharmacists who cheat them on their medications. Some even participate in stings.

Read & learn more @ www.seniorsvscrime.com

UniteForSight_cUnite For Sight

From its beginnings in a student’s dorm room, Unite for Sight has provided eye care for more than 1 million people, including more than 35,000 surgeries to restore sight. Jennifer Staple-Clark was a student at Yale University when she realized that 36 million people around the globe had gone blind needlessly, so in 2000 she founded Unite for Sight to do something about that. “There is such an incredible need worldwide for eye care,” says Staple- Clark. “But there are also enormous barriers like inability to pay, lack of access, lack of information, or fear.”

Read & learn more @ www.uniteforsight.org

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