High Life

The Little People Shuttle

Give your kids the mobility they deserve, and you won’t even have to leave work.

You were a nerd in high school. No one liked you. You spent your time in dark rooms looking at computer screens and pushing keys until something made sense. You had an idea. You shared that idea with others…all nerds like yourself. You moved from your hometown to the great Mecca on the West Coast, Silicone Valley. It wasn’t quite as charming as you thought it might be, but there were others here, others like you. You put clean clothes on, went to big offices designed to look cutting-edge yet comforting, and there you pitched your idea…you and ten thousand other nerds.

Guess what? Your ideas  worked — they were brilliant. People who would have thrown trash at you invited you to their parties. You made a load of money. You grew a beard. You made more money. You started to date prettier women, you still made even more money. You found the right woman and she found you. You married. You bought a huge home over-looking whatever you wanted it to overlook.

You had a great marriage. You were in love. You had your first child. You loved her. You had your second child. You loved him, too. Your wife decided to go to work, fulfilling her dreams as well. You both worked long, hard hours. Your kids grew and soon entered the stage of “going places”. How would they get there?

Once again you’re in luck.


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Our Mission

Agnitus: (Latin) — Recognition, acknowledgement.

We are committed to the idea that those of us in our mature years have a long way to go. We have the resources of time and money — but also a sense of purpose. We still want to explore, pursue new paths, and create new adventures; we celebrate our lives rather than just muddle through them. Agnituslife.com strives to be a dynamic platform that provides information you won’t find anywhere else, and that will help you continue to expand your horizons.

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