High Life

Buying My Very Last Car

I’ve earned it and I deserve it…and I hope I outlive it.

Last week my wife and I decided to buy a new car. We haven’t done that in quite some time. We discussed what we needed and more importantly what we wanted. Was it the SUV she liked or should I spring for the Porsche I really liked. We went back and forth, until she said “What about a Tesla?”

A Tesla…wow! What an idea! Like everyone else, I have heard about the Tesla but really never paid much attention to the information because I never thought I’d be interested enough to buy one.

Also, like everyone else I have friends who are car geeks and they were all too happy to sell me on the accolades of the Tesla.  “It’s a great car, strong, well built, gets 300 miles on a charge, you can drive that car into the ground.”

Into the ground? Do you mean me or the car…are we talking literally or figuratively?

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