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Tai Chi Overview

The healthy healing and calming powers of tai chi.

This is our first article on Tai Chi. We will be following with several others all intended to familiarize you with one of the most beneficial activities anyone (especially mature folks) can participate in . We are not Tai Chi teachers. We believe in the art, and want to spread it to those who may take advantage of it. Therefore, you will find a list of teachers to chose from contained in this and other articles We do not endorse any of these specific  teaches, we list them only  as a public service.

As with any physical exercise, please always consult your doctor.

In the past few years we have heard more and more about Tai Chi and how good it is for you. Studies from major universities such as Harvard and Berkeley urge us to give it a try. We see Tai Chi on television. Classes are offered all over the place.

 No amount of encouraging and/or lecturing can get us to try something if we don’t want to – but if you are looking for any of the following, Tai Chi would be a path for you to follow:

  • Improved balance, flexibility and coordination 

  • Reduced stress, fear of falling, pain and stiffness 

  • More awareness, calmness and sense of well being 

In upcoming articles we will examine some of these benefits. But first let’s talk about – how do I go about learning how to do Tai Chi?

I like to think of Tai Chi as a practice rather than something that we are learning. When we go to class we are just practicing! All of us at our own individual levels. And there are Tai Chi classes at many levels.

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