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Outrageous Tasting Menus

The Art of Very Fine Dining… The Price be Damned

People who are passionate about food see it as an art form, and a meal of epic proportions can be an out of body experience. There are a number of chefs who are more than willing to take you on that journey, helping themselves to a healthy slice of your wallet as they do so.

I’ve dined at The French Laundry, and although I can’t say it was life-changing, still it was an experience I will always remember. Funny, though, I have an easier time recalling the bill than I any of the 11 courses I consumed. (I think it was 11 courses, but I can’t be sure because with all the wine pairings I’m lucky I remember having been there at all.)

The French Laundry is not the only one in this game. There are actually quite a few restaurants all over the world that offer outrageous tasting menus with wine pairings. They are, of course, all tastefully decorated and highly rated by Michelin, Zagat, et al, so there’s no point in repeating that information — this is more about how much food and how much money. We’ve taken a look at three of these in the U.S, where you can abandon any sense of moderation and concern about your kids’ inheritance.

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