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From The Four Seasons, and priced as only they know how.

Are you bored with the same old travel? Are you finding it hard to come up with something to do or a place to go that will hit your senses hard?  Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts can shake things up for you.

The company known for luxury travel and accommodations is offering three private jet package tours in 2018. Now, when you think of tour packages, you think of all-inclusive flights, hotels, meals, excursions, tour hosts, etc. These Four Seasons tours have all that.

But these aren’t your grandma’s package tours — the ones that take you to 14 countries in 7 days, put you in three star hotels, pack you on crowded flights and stuffy buses, and bring you to restaurants that, well, the best you can say for them is they don’t suck.

Four Seasons’ Tours  are a little more upscale.  

Let’s start with the private jet. I’m not talking about something that can fit 20 passengers, or a chartered large jet that can handle 200-300 passengers. I’m talking about a fully customized 757 with seating for only 52 people, which, putting it mildly, they say is designed for comfort.

Here are some of the specs:

  • 78 inches (2 metres) of personal space per seat

  • Leather used in seats sourced from Germany, handcrafted in Italy

  • Handmade carpet woven on traditional looms in Amsterdam

  • Blankets woven out of Mongolian cashmere

  • One crew member to every six passengers

  • Crisp white linens and goose-down pillows for sleeping

  • Plush ottomans and flat-bed seats

You know, putting it this way just makes it seem like a nice plane and doesn’t come close to capturing the experience. Here’s a video that does it much more justice:

They offer the full range of in-flight entertainment, and you also get things to take home with you. Some seem to be a little out of character with the experience, but everyone likes to think they’ve gotten something for free, including the very rich.

  • A leather tote bag exclusively by Ghurka

  • A leather journal

  • Four Seasons slippers

  • Baseball cap

  • Compression socks

  • Custom-designed amenity kit

  • Bose noise-cancelling headphones.

So what about the meals? Not to worry, there’s an on-board chef. And since he will prepare anything you want — from a 20-course tasting menu to burgers and beers — he’s really your personal chef.  To make sure the meals of the highest quality, the jet has a state-of-the-art kitchen (including a blender that operates at altitushutterstock_65914576.jpgde), and fresh ingredients are picked up at each destination.

To get it done right requires a lot of up-front planning by specialized professionals. For that you have a Guest Services Manager and a Director of Guest Experience. They over-see a staff that spends months taking care of all the logistics so that your trip is customized according to what you want to do. While you may be traveling with 51 other people, it’s really a personal tour — everything is or can be individualized. You can decide to do things on their itinerary or request that something else be set up for you. As they advertise, “It’s your trip – what do you want it to be?”

Now for the actual destinations.  Each of the three for 2018 are a little over 3 weeks in length and offering a remarkable range of experiences. Here are the highlights for the World of Adventures Trip that begins in Seattle and ends in Orlando, and stops at Kyoto, Bali, Seychelles, Rwanda, Marrakech, Bogotá, and Galápagos Islands in between: 

  • Observe elusive mountain gorillas up close in Rwanda — Accompany an expert guide through the lush bamboo forests of Volcanoes National Park, and witness these peaceful giants in their natural habitat.

  • Go island-hopping in the Seychelles — See the famous coco de mer palms on Praslin before sailing to La Digue, a lush and charming island home to one of the world’s most breathtaking and secluded beaches.

  • Cruise amid the Galapagos’ natural wonders — Take to the seas aboard a private ship for three unforgettable nights and explore this unique archipelago – site of naturalist Charles Darwin’s early discoveries.

  • Learn to salsa with a private dance lesson in Bogota — Step into the vibrant Latin culture of Colombia with a master class in this spirited and sensuous dance set to infectiously upbeat music.

  • Dine with geishas in a historic temple — A musical performance by the city’s most talented geishas brings to life the spirit of Old Japan during a private dinner in Kyoto’s oldest Zen temple.

  • Awaken your senses in exotic and colourful Marrakech — From handwoven textiles to jewelry to exotic spices, a local guide will make sure you find exactly the treasures you’re looking for during a private souk shopping excursion.

Just a thought — how does one pack for a trip that includes trekking through the jungles of Rwanda, learning samurai sword-fighting in Kyoto, and dance lessons in Bogota? Jeans and a t-shirt might not cut it. My darling wife can’t figure out which and how many pairs of shoes to bring if we go to a beach resort for a weekend, so right there is one big suitcase. I guess it really doesn’t matter, since Four Seasons handles my luggage door to door.

So, now to the main question… how much? For the World of Adventures described above, prices begin at $138,000 per person, but that’s assuming double occupancy. If you go it alone, there’s an upcharge of about $12,000, which really isn’t much all things considered. Note that I said “prices begin”, you should assume there will be additional charges as you build in customized pieces.

If this is too rich for you, they offer the more economical Timeless Encounters and International Intrigue Tours beginning at $135,000. I’m really not sure, when you get to figures like these,  how or why they can actually come up with a $3,000 difference — who would ever notice if the prices were exactly the same?

For more information or to book your trip, go to fourseasons.com

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