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Truth or Myth?

I see both of these as an issue. You cannot lose weight through drastic measures that do not implement a mentality shift and sustainable principles that can be applied to various life situations. That only leads to short term loss, then regaining that weight all over again. This includes things like pills, shakes, lap band, gastric and all of the other “fixes” people buy into with hopes of not actually having to change and/or knowing where to start. The media and pharmaceutical industry are in large part to blame for this microsecond mentality we have developed in looking for a quick fix, but I will save that rant for another day.

To change behavior, you need to understand the problem first. The problem that I see most often is that people do not know how to eat for their body’s unique needs.  We all have one of three Metabolic Designs; Protein, Carbohydrate, and Mixed. This is the appropriate balance of healthy fats, carbs & protein our individual body needs to function properly.

Without knowing this, you could be eating “healthy”, but contrary to your Metabolic Design and never be able to reach your ideal weight. I have a client that when he first came to me, was eating pretty healthy, working out with a trainer 4 times a week and still not able to drop the 40 pounds he had been working diligently toward.  Within 3 months of working together, he had already lost 30 pounds and had more energy and incredible relief from his rheumatoid arthritis. The biggest thing he changed was the proportion he was eating. Once he began eating for his Metabolic Design, the weight started melting of and he had even decreased his exercise amount due to travel.

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