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Truth or Myth?

You could be someone that is a Protein Design and eating a lot of healthy fresh fruits, but those fruits are sabotaging your weight loss. You could be a Carbohydrate Design and be eating steak or salmon and destroying your metabolism. Knowing your Metabolic Design is the KEY!

You could be doing everything perfectly according to the books or “experts”, but if it goes against your design, you will see energy fluctuations, weight loss plateaus, little aches and pains that never used to be there and other miniscule things that may even pass under your radar, but over time can sabotage your health and make you age faster than you should.

So to answer the truth or myth question, the answer is MYTH! You need to eat healthy and exercise, yes!  But also make sure you are eating for YOUR Metabolic Design.

It could be the one and only thing you are missing that is making you remain frustrated, fatigued, bloated, and living on the diet roller coaster!

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As a Registered Nutrition Consultant and CEO of Complete Health Revolution, Jen Beck’s straight forward approach turbocharges your transformation with real strategies that work for permanent, lasting weight loss and energy gain. Over the last 16 years, Jen has empowered thousands of men and women to take an active role in their health, lose weight, reverse chronic disease, look and feel younger.
Email Jennifer at jen@completehealthrevolution.com or visit completehealthrevolution.com for more details or to download your FREE report of 7 Ways to Kill Your Sugar Cravings.

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