Health & Well-Being

Your health is the most important thing. Yep… it’s an old, over-used and variously worded cliche’. But that doesn’t mean it ain’t true (although a few extra buck is not so bad, either). In this section we focus on all aspects of health — physical, mental, and psychological. From professionals in the various fields we’ll discuss what you should know and what you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Health & Well-Being

Weighing In

How often should you weigh yourself? by Jen Beck Have you ever noticed that we sometimes do things, just because it is the way we have always done them?  Sometimes they are just habits we learned...

Health & Well-Being

CBD Oil…The Facts

CBD Oil is making strides for a variety of ailments, but are there any downsides? Recently a close friend mentioned he had been suffering from arthritis in his hands and knees, and sometimes the pain...

Health & Well-Being

Anger & Love

Mutual Inhabitants    by Joel Block, Ph.D. Often, what couples term “boredom” is a cover-up for long-standing but hidden resentment. The operative word here is “hidden.” Nearly every couple is going...

Health & Well-Being


It’s what we do for our own mental health. In every relationship there are times when our partner will do things that we perceive as offensive, insensitive, or just plain stupid. When that...

Health & Well-Being

Death by Stress

It may happen more than we realize. Most of us know that stress is detrimental to health.  But is it as big a problem as heart disease, or cancer, or diabetes? We probably don’t think so, but we’re...

Health & Well-Being

Strawberry Compound…

This fruit may be one of the keys to better memory. By Joseph Mercola, M.D. Ask several people what their favorite fruit is, and a good number of them will say strawberries. But aside from being...

Health & Well-Being

The Worst Healthy Beverage

Are your “healthy” beverages killing you or hydrating you?  by Jen Beck In all reality, the only one true healthy beverage is…Water. All the rest pose some kind of challenge to our health, big or...

Health & Well-Being

Truth or Myth?

Is losing weight really only about eating healthy and exercising? by Jen Beck When trying to improve their health or lose weight, people will hire expensive personal trainers, go on crazy restrictive...

Health & Well-Being

Are you Stressed Out?

Knowing the warning signs is an important step toward better health. In a previous article we talked about how chronic stress is harmful to your health — it’s linked to cardiac disease...

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