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Emotional Support

To begin, women are generally more comfortable giving and receiving emotional support, and are good at relating to other people’s problems. So they’re more likely to be on the lookout for difficulties faced by their husbands, are better at reading when their husbands are distressed, and are in a better position to step in without being asked — so men typically get all the support they could want. Women also value support more, and the extent to which they receive it has a lot to do with how they feel about their marriage.

Men, on the other hand, value support less and are not as prone to talk about their problems. Many are uncomfortable with such discussions or prefer to handle things on their own. Some just won’t admit they need help, or even be aware they could use some. So its reasonable to assume they’re also less prone to be tuned into other people’s distress, including their wives. While they may appear insensitive, unhelpful, uninvolved, or uncaring, it may be that men just pay less attention to such things.


   Most husbands get all they need.

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