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Life is Great — Relatively Speaking

The psychological tricks we use to feel good about ourselves.

Maintaining our self-esteem and being happy are what we all strive for. We put a lot of effort in finding things that feed into both of these, whether it be our careers, our relationships with significant others, or leisure time. 

Through our efforts, most of us are able to live reasonably satisfying lives. But sometimes we get a curve ball. During tough times it’s difficult to believe when, or whether, things will improve, and that can lead us to question whether our life or our marriage is as happy as we have a right to expect.

When such situations arise, we keep fighting the good fight and hope that things will take a better course, and very often they do improve with time. But we also try to nudge the process along, and we do that by reaching into our bag of mental tricks. That’s when the people we know — close friends, family members, or even casual acquaintances — can be very helpful.

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