Food Walking Tours

A great way to learn about and sample local cuisine.

I’m not an organized tour kind of person. I don’t like the lack of intimacy, the feeling of being herded, and the forced structure of having to be at a certain place at a specified time. I especially don’t like group tours, moving around with strangers, most of whom are not really my cup of tea. They’re certainly nice enough, but as a seasoned traveler, I prefer to be with other seasoned travelers, and most people who take organized tours are not that. They usually sign up for these things because they don’t feel competent or experienced enough to do it on their own. Besides, there’s always someone in the group who bombards the guide with inane questions or comments, and that’s a kind of suffering I like to avoid. I have on a few occasions taken half-day bus tours, but I do so mostly to get the feel for the layout of a city I’m unfamiliar with, and to have a place to sit and relax for a couple of hours, including a short nap.

That said, there is one type of tour I will always take — a food walking tour.  In fact, I seek them out whenever I’m making travel arrangements.  I’ve done these tours in New York City, Barcelona, Panama City, Rome, Munich, and Bologna.. I’ve done them with as few as 4 and as many as 12 people, and always the attendees look back on the experience as one of the highlights of the trip.

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