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If you have read our High Life articles you know we very often present something which we can only dream about, but that very few of us can actually get our hands on. Here’s another one you may enjoy…

In today’s incredibly diverse world there are numerous ways of doing anything. If you want a new car you can get one for twelve thousand dollars and you can get one for 3 million dollars. If you would like a wrist watch you may have one for under twenty dollars and you can buy one for over fifty million dollars…and so it goes. Houses, violins and even fountain pens.

Remember the fountain pen? Maybe the one you remember leaked onto your shirt, covered your hands wth ink and was almost always going missing.

Now come into the 21st century. Fountain pens are updated, modernized delightful ways of writing. They project a personality that no ballpoint can ever match. You can actually watch the ink flow gently on to the paper. You can feel the pressure of your hand shaping the writing you do. And, as with everything else in this commodity driven world there are hundreds to choose from. Let’s look at two.

We begin with the Namiki Emperor Maki-E (Mandarin Duck). Here is how the pen is described on stamp&staple.com:

“Executed in the charcoal burnished Togidashi-maki-e technique, the Emperor Collection by Namiki represents the pen maker’s art at its finest. Exquisite interpretations of traditional Japanese designs, such as Goldfish, Crane, Mandarin Duck, Treasure and Rabbit in Moonlight fountain pens are hand painted in gold, lacquer and vibrant color pigments by the world’s finest craftsmen. Each is designed with an 18 karat gold and rhodium accented fine, medium or broad nib and presented in a traditional wood gift box from the Orient”.


You can’t go wrong with this sweetie. And it comes with  an amusing guarantee: “Each Namiki Emperor Collection Fountain Pen we sell is guaranteed to be genuine, authentic and will arrive brand new & unused!

Now let’s also consider one of my favorite pens — The Jinhao 750. Here’s a short video:

These modern pens, although feeling like their forebears, are greatly updated. You can use ink cartridges which simply pop in and out of the pen. The cartridges come in over 50 colors so you will never run out of trying new ones. However, bottled ink is the best way to go. Here you have a choice which is basically endless, there are hundreds of colors and textures to chose from.

So there are are two questions left to ask yourself: Why write with a fountain pen, and second which one should I chose?

As to the first question, you should write with a fountain pen because it is personal. The nib (point) will actually mold to your hand. The pen is romantic, you can watch the ink flow onto the paper, you can use hundreds of colors, you have the true feel of a writing instrument in your hands not merely a packaged ink running over the page. Ball points and roller balls are great for writing out your monthly checks (Do people still do that?), or filling in the IRS forms you forgot to mail last month, even creating a shopping list, but for everything else, do yourself a favor — go Fountain Pen.

As to the next question, which one to buy. That again is a personal choice. You’ll be very happy with either one…..believe me. The Namiki Emperor is gorgeous, writes like a dream. The 750 writes perfectly smooth and full-bodied. The difference for you might be in price.

The Namilki Emperor Maki-E Mandarin Duck will run you about $17,130.32; The Jinhao 750 goes for about $9.90. While the Jinhao guarantee doesn’t expressly state it will be unused when you buy it, we’re guessing that would be the case.

So if you’re in the market for either one, try either penchant.com, gouletpens.com or stamps&staples.com. All are reputable retailers with great customer service, a large supply and fast delivery.

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