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Fountain Pens

Write it Right…with the Fountain Pen of Your Choice.

If you have read other High Life articles you know we often present something which we can only dream about, but that very few of us can actually get our hands on. Here’s another one you may enjoy…

In today’s incredibly diverse world there are numerous ways of doing anything. If you want a new car you can get one for twelve thousand dollars and you can get one for 3 million dollars. If you would like a wrist watch you may have one for under twenty dollars and you can buy one for over fifty million dollars…and so it goes. Houses, violins and even fountain pens.

Remember the fountain pen? Maybe the one you remember leaked onto your shirt, covered your hands with ink, and was almost always going missing.

Now come into the 21st century. Fountain pens are updated, modernized, and delightful ways of writing. They project a personality that no ballpoint can ever match. You can actually watch the ink flow gently on to the paper. You can feel the pressure of your hand shaping the writing you do. And, as with everything else in this variety-driven world, there are hundreds to choose from. Let’s look at two.

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