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Fountain Pens

So there are are two questions left to ask yourself: Why write with a fountain pen, and second which one should I chose?

As to the first question, you should write with a fountain pen because it is personal. The nib (point) will actually mold to your hand. The pen is romantic, you can watch the ink flow onto the paper, you can use hundreds of colors, you have the true feel of a writing instrument in your hands, not merely a packaged ink running over the page. Ball points and roller balls are great for writing out your monthly checks (Do people still do that?), or filling in the IRS forms you forgot to mail last month, even creating a shopping list, but for everything else, do yourself a favor — go Fountain Pen.

As to the next question, which one to buy. That again is a personal choice. You’ll be very happy with either one…..believe me. The Namiki Emperor is gorgeous, writes like a dream. The 750 writes perfectly smooth and full-bodied. The difference for you might be in price.

The Namilki Emperor Maki-E Mandarin Duck will run you about $17,130.32; The Jinhao 750 goes for about $9.90. While the Jinhao guarantee doesn’t expressly state it will be unused when you buy it, we’re guessing that would be the case.

So if you’re in the market for either one, try either penchant.com, gouletpens.com or stamps&staples.com. All are reputable retailers with great customer service, a large supply and fast delivery.

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