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Defending Millennials: Part 1

And that network is huge, possibly more than five times as large as that of their parents. It’s world-wide and diverse, and includes people of all ages, backgrounds, and countries. The is the first generation in history to think of themselves as global, and they rely on their vast network whenever they need information. They also regard their close friendships as important, often giving them priority over their sexual relationships — friends are regarded by Millennials as a source of comfort and security in an otherwise insecure world. And as I already alluded to, they can relate to and count as friends people who are both younger and older than they are. The barriers that are often found between generations, mistrust and resentment, just don’t seem to exist for Millennials.

So maybe they’re not so bad as we’re inclined to believe. But are they as good, maybe better, than the Boomer generation?

That’s the subject of part 2.

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